Rules & Regulation

1. Every child must submit a change of clothing .

Visiting Times
2. Do however, bear in mind that the class teacher does have a programme to follow and other children for whom she is responsible. If you wish to see the class teacher or the principal for an express purpose please make an appointment outside formal teaching time; we will be more than willing to facilitate open communication.

3. The school reserves the right to decide whether a child may or may not attend for health reasons.
4. The school must be notified of any infectious illnesses that your child has contracted, immediately you become aware of it.
5. Do not send your child to school if she/he has a temperature, a bad cough, is vomiting or has any eye infection, diarrhoea or head lice.

6. Never leave medicine in your child's bag. It is your responsibility as parent/guardian to take the medicine out of your child's bag, and to place it on the shelf in the First Aid room. You, too, must please collect the medicine at the end of each day, unless it is medication for a chronic condition or for emergency use.
7. You must please provide a medical certificate when your child returns to school Food, Toys and Money.
8. No food, sweets, bubble gum etc. may be brought to school unless it is that child's birthday, or unless it has been previously arranged with the child's teacher.
9. As toys and books are provided by the School, the children may not bring their own from home, unless for the interest of the teacher, or for a specific class activity. The school will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever.
10. Your child may not bring money to school except when requested to do so and always in a sealed envelope (Coins can so easily become lodged in a young child's throat.)
11. The teacher will keep all food and toys brought to School without prior permission, for that day. They will be handed to the parent at the end of the day.

Personal Details
12. Should a parent or legal guardian change their address, work telephone number, home phone number or both, we request that you inform us immediately. Failure to do this could have serious consequences in the event of a sudden illness or accident. We urge all parents/guardians to be responsible and involved.
13. Should your child have a disturbed night or an upset on any given day, please inform one of the staff members, so that we are able to deal with the situation in as sensitive a manner as possible.
14. Should there be difficulties at home that could affect the child emotionally or otherwise it is important that you share this information with the class teacher as she needs to know how to address any changes in the child's behaviour.
15. Please remember that some children settle down to a new environment easily and some do not. It may take days, weeks or even months for a child to settle into a new routine and learn to accept new people.
16. It is best to be loving but firm and make your departure as swift as possible. Attempts to coax the child and to give one last hug can often make matters more traumatic for all parties.
17. Please remember that some children bite, scratch, hit, spit or swear as they develop from toddlers to pre-schoolers. While we aim to prevent such incidents as far as possible, on occasion your child may become the "victim" of such behaviour or even the aggressor.
18. Please understand that we do discuss the incident with all parties concerned. We do not approve of any form of corporal punishment and will institute other tactics to change this negative behaviour where possible.