Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Chiranjiv Bharati School.As a school we focus on building community. We want our students to feel they are a part of our school family. We purposefully plan many activities throughout the year to help achieve.
Communication between the home and the school remains a top priority for ChiranjivBharati School.This new website should enable parents to become more aware of what goes on at Chiranjiv Bharati School on a week to week if not day to day basis. In addition, our teaching staff have committed to using the class portal as a means of providing you, the parent, with course information, including assigned homework, assignments, test dates etc.
The cornerstone of success of an educational institution is experienced and appropriately qualified staff who have a deep understanding of the pedagogy they deliver. At CBS , in addition to the academic rigor, our staff also provides personalized pastoral care which goes a long way in creating lasting bonds between teachers and students – bonds that they will cherish later in life.
The enriched curriculum on offer is designed to provide the holistic developmental milestones that are essential for developing a well-rounded personality. We are committed to ensuring that our pupils become effective 21st century learners, who are competitive yet compassionate. We are committed to developing effective communication debating and critical thinking skills which will occupy pride of place in the extended curriculum on offer. We are committed to our parents and our students - At CBS we are committed to ensuring that every child is provided a wide spectrum of activities to engage them effectively so that they reach their potential.
We welcome you to the world of ChiranjivBharatiSchool with this promise.
God bless you in all you do!
Sanjay K Singh