Code of Ethics


The Management shall have right to introduce measures to improve efficiency and productivity, such as changes in workflow, work planning, work systems, procedures, automation, computerization, cutting down unnecessary and avoidable work as the management considers necessary.

• Staff is expected to lead by example and ensure that they are upholding The Chiranjiv Bharati School Philosophy
• Staff is expected to be dressed in a presentable manner that is not provocative, disrespectful or offensive
• Helmets made compulsory for staff.If staff continue to ride two wheelers without helmet, penalty will be imposed on them
• Habitual late coming and negligence of duty will not be permitted
• Usage of mobile phones during teaching hours is not allowed. If there is an urgent call to be made or attended, permission can be taken from the respective Unit Heads
• The internet facility is provided to update one's knowledge and keep abreast with the current development in the educational field. It should be used only for these reasons and not for any other personal requirements
• The staff is responsible for their computer login password and need to be careful of the same.
• Taking private tuitions of children without permission of school authorities is not allowed
• Teaching and Non-Teaching staff shall not part away any information of the school to any outsider, institutions, schools and any other associates, etc.
• Teaching and Non-Teaching staff shall follow the guidelines issued to them from time to time by the Principal/ Director . In case the guidelines are not followed, the staff shall be liable for disciplinary action
• An employee remaining absent for more than 30 days beyond the leave originally granted and or employee remaining absent without leave for a period exceeding 30 consecutive days shall be deemed to have abandoned the employment voluntarily.
• Refrain from talking about any issue or matter regarding school or having strong reactions in front of children


• Use of corporal punishment in any form or to any degree will not be accepted under any circumstances, for eg. No physical abuse should be used like slapping, pinching, pushing, and pulling.
• By word or action , no child will be hurt emotionally, mentally and physically.
• The staff should report to the management immediately if they witness any kind of sexual/physical abuse of a child.
• The staff should refrain from any kind of discrimination against any student on the grounds of caste, creed language, accent, place of origin, social and cultural background, class, clothes , physical appearance.


• Parents should be treated with dignity and respect in words, actions and body language. Their queries should be answered with patience and understanding by any staff around irrespective of their domain.
• If parents come with query or demand, do acknowledge and if not clear, do ask in School andget back to the Parent.
• Staff should avoid discussing school matters to Parents in a social setting.
• Refrain from commenting on colour, name, surname, physical appearance, choices in life, clothes, class, economic status, language, accent, educational background and ability of parent/parents.