Art Of Parenting


Children are probably not the first ones who come to mind when you think about stress. After all, they've got no bills to worry about, no job or other responsibilities on their shoulders…

Yet, children feel stress, too – often significantly. They worry about making friends, succeeding at school or sports, and fitting in with their peers. They may also struggle with the divorce of their parents or feel anxious about war and violence they see on the news. While a child's natural state is to be happy, vibrant and curious, it's estimated that up to 15 percent of children and teens are depressed at any given time. In reality, many of the same worries that make you feel anxious and sad have the same impact on your children. However, kids also have unique needs that can interfere with their ability to be happy if left unmet.

Tips for Raising a Happy Child

Holistic Development for your child throughout the childhood years.

From A Mothers Pen
Parenting From The Core Of Your Heart:

1. Nurture Your Child Like A gardener.
2. Nurture Your Child Lovingly.
3. Weaving A Warm Appreciative Style Of Parenting.
4. Shower Hugs And Kisses.Use Every Opportunity To Show Your Love
5. Accepting Your Child For What He or She Is.
6. Disciplining With Love.
7. Building A Strong Bond
8. Inculcating Positive Mind, Intellect And Sanskars For Developing Positive Behaviour Patterns.
9. Teach Your child The Art Of Living.
10. Inculcating Good Eating Habits.
11. Establish A trustworthy Relationship.
12. Encouraging and Recognising accomplishments.
13. Enjoying The stages Of Your Childs Development.
14. Providing opportunities for exploring.
15. Encouraging creativity and curiosity.
16. Promoting learning at school.
17. Developing problem solving and decision making skills.
18. Helping your child to develop perseverance, courage, optimism and honesty.
19. Encouraging spiritual development.
20. Teaching good communication skills.
21. Embracing independence and responsibility.
22. Helping your child to develop a healthy attitude towards competition.
23. Coping with stress.
24. Encouraging a sense of humour.
25. Teaching respect.
26. Encouraging kindness and compassion in words and actions.
27. Creating a healthy family to which your child belongs.